Shaving Your Bikini Area: Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Razor Head for Women

Shaving your bikini area is one of the crucial ways of enhancing your hygiene and showing self-love, but it is often less talked about. It’s common to hear people talk about shaving and grooming the locks on our heads, but not down there. In fact, it’s taboo to talk about shaving pubic hair in some communities. However, Just like our heads, shaving your armpits, leg and arm hair, and pubic hair is important.

At Freya, we believe that grooming your pubic hair is crucial, especially for women. We provide the best razor heads and shaving creams for women to ensure you have a perfect shave down there. Read on to learn more about this prickly subject.

Getting a Perfect Bikini Shave Starts with Choosing the Right Razor

The pubic area is a very sensitive place in your body. If you decide to shave it, do it right. The first step to a perfect shave is choosing the right razor head. In addition to the pubic area being very sensitive and delicate, each person has a different skin that reacts differently to shavers. Here are things to remember when choosing razor blades for your pubic area.

Choose a Razor with Sharp Blades

Your pubic area has the thickest hair on your body. To ensure a smooth shave and avoid irritation, you need a sharp razor that gives a perfect shave in one gentle stroke. If you use a dull blade, you will likely hurt yourself and won’t have a smooth shave. Also, choose a razor specifically designed for grooming pubic areas to ensure comfort and achieve the best results.

Single-Blade vs. Multi-Blade

One of the common questions that women looking for bikini shave blades ask is which is better between single and multi-blade razors. The answer to this question comes down to flexibility, ease of use, and a close shave vs irritation.

Single-Blade Razors

Single-blade razors come with a double-edged blade connected to a handle. These razors give a close haircut in a single pass. It leads to less irritation and prevents razor burns and ingrown hair, making it a good option for people with sensitive skin.

Single-blade razors also offer flexibility and more control for a smooth finish.

The downside of using single-blade razors is that it requires more skills to achieve a smooth finish than multi-blade razors. If you lack the experience, you’re likely to cut yourself.

Another downside is that it can be harder to achieve a close shave with a single-blade razor than when using a multi-blade one. As such, you require more frequent shaves to have a perfect look down there.

Single-blade razors have a downside effect on your pocket, too. Ideally, the initial cost of buying single-blade razors is higher than multi-blade razors, although replacing the blades is cheaper. Lastly, using a single-blade razor may not achieve a smooth shave in a single pass—repeatedly shaving one spot can be time-consuming and might lead to irritation.

Multi-Blade Razors

Multi-blade razors (typically two to five) come with multiple blades to give a close shave in a single pass. Ideally, each blade in a multi-blade razor is positioned at a different angle to ensure they cut hair multiple times in a single pass. For example, a five-blade razor (which is most common) will cut your hair five times to deliver a smooth shave in a single stroke.

Another advantage of using multiple-blade razors is the ease of use compared to single-blade razors. Ideally, you don’t need to set the blades in specific angles to achieve a perfect bikini shave.

Additionally, you are less likely to experience cuts and nicks when using multi-blade razors. You can get an extra smooth shave without worrying about irritation and injuries afterward. The same cannot be said about single-blade razors.

Lastly, the initial cost of buying multi-blade razors is lower than single-blade razors.

A common downside to using multiple-blade razors is that they are likely to irritate those with sensitive skin. You can, however, reduce the irritation by prepping your skin before shaving. Another downside is that since multi-blade razors give a close-to-skin cut, you’ll likely experience ingrown hairs. To minimize the risk, exfoliate before shaving and clean afterward, especially if you had a below-the-surface cut.

The best blade for you depends on the level of experience and the results you want to achieve. If you’re more experienced, you can achieve a perfect shave using a single-blade razor. But if you are not an experienced shaver, multi-blade razors will be handy for an easy, speedy, and smooth shave.

Disposable Razors vs. Refillable Blades

Refillable razors or disposable razors, which one is right for you? There’s no distinct answer to this question, but to guide you, let’s look at each.

Refillable Razors

As the name suggests, refillable razors are replaceable heads, meaning when the blades become dull, you can remove them and replace the head. Reusable razors are great if you want to test different options to see what works best for you. It also gives you options to mix things up—for example; you can try three or four multiple-blade razors or blade cartridges with built-in moisture or heads infused with Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and other active ingredients.

Additionally, reusable razors offer a great way to conserve the environment because less plastic is disposed of.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razor heads are designed for limited use. Once a blade becomes dull, you dispose of it and replace it with another. Disposable razors work best when traveling or when you have guests. Since they are used only for a limited time, they help prevent infectious skin diseases.

A downside of using disposable razors is their negative impact on the environment—the materials (mostly plastic) that make disposable razors take many years to decompose, and most find their way to rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.

Tips to Have a Smooth Bikini Shave

Now that you know how to choose the right razor head for your bikini shave, here are tips to help you achieve a perfect cut.

Starting By Trimming Your Pubic Hair

Before you shave your pubic hair, trim it using a trimmer or small scissors to enable you to see better when shaving and improve contact with the blade for a smooth shave.

Wet Your Bikini Area

Wet your pubic area with warm water before you start shaving to soften your pubic hairs and reduce friction when shaving.


Dead skin and ingrown hairs can prevent you from having a smooth shave and put you at risk of bacterial infection. Clean your bikini area before you start shaving. An exfoliant will help remove dead skin and ingrown hair to improve blade contact with the skin for a perfect shave. But be careful not to put these products inside your vagina as they will lead to irritation and other harmful effects.


Use a shaving cream to lubricate your skin before shaving to prevent irritation. Remember, your bikini area is very sensitive so choose a lubricant that won’t react with your skin for a smooth shaving experience.

Do the Shaving

Now that you have prepared your skin, it’s time for the cut. Remember to use a sharp razor and shave in the direction of the hair to avoid bumps and discomfort. Also, don’t apply too much pressure when shaving your hair to prevent nicks and cuts.

Rinse and Moisturize

Rinse your razor between the strokes to remove stuck hair and cream buildup to ensure a smooth, comfortable shave. After shaving, use warm water to remove the excess cream or soap in your pubic area. Afterward, moisturize your skin with unscented, alcohol-free moisturizer to avoid dehydrated skin.

Get a Smooth, Comfortable Bikini Shave

As you can see, getting a smooth bikini shave starts with getting the right razor head. At Freya, we offer a variety of high-quality blades to choose from to ensure you have an easy and enjoyable time when shaving your pubic hair. Visit our website today for blade refills to ensure you don’t run out of blades for your bikini shave.