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Nipplegasm: Orgasm by Stimulating Your Nipples with a Vibrator

Nipplegasm: Orgasm by Stimulating Your Nipples with a Vibrator

Did you know you can orgasm just by stimulating your nipples? No, for real. A nipple orgasm, or Nipplegasm as we like to call it, is when you reach climax by only stimulating your nipples or your surrounding breast area. No vaginal or clitoral stimulation needed. 

Now, it may take a few practice rounds before you’re able to fully climax – everyone is different – but experimenting with a few sensual touching techniques will help get you there in no time. Let’s take you through stimulating your nips step-by-step:

Step 1: Use a light touch to circle your entire breast area, slowly making your way toward the nipple. Trace over your nipples with one finger – or, if you want to jazz it up some, use an ice cube or feather tickler – then slowly rub in different directions.

Step 2: At this point, your nipples should be erect. Now’s the time to break out the big guns. Grab your vibrator and turn it to whichever setting you prefer, then lightly press it against your nipples and slowly move it around your areolas.

Step 3: This step can be done in two ways. If you have a partner, have them slowly breathe air onto your nipples while licking them in circular motion. They can also suck on them to increase blood flow and enhance sensitivity. Let them use the vibrator on your nipples. Experiment with different vibration patterns and intensity levels. If you’re alone, try watching porn or a one of your favorite film sex scenes while you stimulate yourself. 

Continue this pattern until you find the right sensations to make you O. You can also rotate between using a vibrator and nipple clamps if you feel comfortable. The most important part is to experiment until you find what works for you. Let your mind, and your hands, wander. Explore your body, think about what makes you feel sexy. 

Another way to enhance nipple stimulation is to pierce your nipples if you feel comfortable. The piercing can cause your nipples to become more sensitive due to all of the nerve endings that get stimulated by the piercing. In addition to the physical sensation, having more pronounced nipples can make some people feel sexier, creating a placebo effect.