Self-Love Brand Freya Launches Their Flagship Product “Vee” on UrbanOutfitters.Com

Self-Love Brand Freya Launches Their Flagship Product “Vee” on UrbanOutfitters.Com

Self-Love Brand Freya Launches Their Flagship Product “Vee” on UrbanOutfitters.Com Los Angeles, CA – DATE — Freya, the trailblazing brand dedicated to women's self-love and empowerment, is thrilled to announce the launch of their flagship product, the "Vee," on

Freya is proud to become a part of the vibrant and diverse range of sex-positive products offered by Urban Outfitters, a retailer known for its selection of lifestyle and wellness items tailored to the self-expressive modern young woman. Vee, a combination razor and vibrator for discreet and convenient use, promises Urban Outfitters' customers the ultimate self-care experience. Vee is an innovative product that seamlessly merges the functionality of a high-performance razor with discreet vibrator technology. Featuring 5 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, Vee shaves off unwanted hair while leaving behind moisturized skin, thanks to its soothing aloe strip. Its ergonomic silicone handle ensures a comfortable grip, preventing nicks, and which helps to navigate every curve of the body with ease. Additionally, the handle doubles as a powerful vibrator, offering six unique pulse patterns for sensual delight, once detached from the blades. The Freya Vee is a complete self-care solution, offering convenience and pleasure in one stylish product.

“We are ecstatic to introduce our beloved Vee to Urban Outfitters' discerning customers. Vee is not just about grooming but also about embracing self-pleasure without guilt or shame. With Vee, young women can prioritize their own well-being, in whatever way makes sense to them,” expresses Xin Hamilton, co-founder of Freya

Starter kits, including the dual-choice razor system, two blade cartridges, a wall holder, and a USB charger for easy charging, will be available on beginning on DATE, at an accessible price of $49.99. Designed with user safety in mind, the hidden power button can only be accessed when the top blades are removed. Plus, the handle boasts an IP7 water-resistant certification, making it the perfect companion for lavish "everything showers” or indulgent bath time rituals designed to combat the Sunday Scaries. Shoppers can also opt for an additional blade replacement subscription, with 4-pack blade refills available for only $9.99. As Urban Outfitters continues to curate a diverse marketplace for lifestyle and personal expression, Freya is excited to contribute Vee, which simultaneously simplifies and elevates self-care.


Freya is a self-love brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded and led by women, Freya's mission is to bridge the gap between sex toys and everyday personal care, giving women the freedom and confidence to indulge in self-care in a comfortable, convenient way. Their flagship device, the "Vee", lets users enjoy both grooming and sexual pleasure with one sleek tool. Designed with discretion, pleasure, and convenience in mind, Freya hopes to encourage women to take ownership of their own pleasure and feel empowered in the process. Follow along on Instagram @crave.freya Media Contact: Holly Haworth